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La Roche Posay – My UV Patch


Changing behavior to minimise sunburn risk that can help decrease chances of skin cancer


1. What is the observed insight?

  • 88% of people understand sun exposure risks, including that of skin cancer*,
  • UV radiation can cause pigmentation, photo-aging and even skin cancer,
  • Only 5 sunburns before the age of 20 increase melanoma risk by 80%**,
  • Yet only 27% consistently wear facial sun protection*,
  • Only 20% try to stay in the shade*,
  • Only 5% wear protective clothing*

* IPSOS Study


2. The Nudge

There is a clear disconnect between consumer knowledge and behaviour regarding sun exposure risk.  More education is needed in order to incite relevant and effective behaviour change. The “My UV Patch” and the related smart phone application monitor UV exposure and educate people on how to play safer in the sun to minimize skin cancer risk.  In fact, its regular use demonstrates that positive behaviour change can be effectuated. A sun care pioneer working alongside dermatologists for over 30 years, La Roche-Posay is committed to fight skin cancer with a longstanding mission to educate and raise awareness regarding sun exposure and skin cancer risks. The patch technology is able to accurately monitor both UVA and UVB exposure.  It is a unique ultra-thin, adhesive containing photosensitive dyes that change colour when exposed to UV rays to indicate sun exposure levels in real time.  Through a smart algorithm factoring in a personalized profile including photo-type, skin type, eye and hair colour, location and weather data, the app generates essential information regarding the amount of daily sun exposure and sun safe behaviour tips.


3. Evidence path

In 2016, nearly 400,000 My UV Patches were distributed free of charge in 14 countries via dermatologists, pharmacists and on line. Preliminary survey results show that the patch use actually improves sun safer behaviour and minimizes sun burn among users:

  • 31% tried to stay in the shade more,
  • 37% used more facial sunscreen,
  • 63% experienced less sunburn.

In 2017, La Roche Posay will significantly increase distribution in over 36 countries.