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The Drink To Drink Between Drinks


1. What is the observed insight?

South Africa has a high level of risky drinking behaviour with consumers often getting caught up in the idea that drinking to excess makes them have a better time. This is not the case. A good solution to the problem is drinking water. However, our status-driven consumers don’t like to drink water because it is generally served in non-premium plastic bottles, which doesn’t suit the image they are trying to portray.


2. The Nudge

Instead of another drink responsibly campaign that relies on scare tactics, we gave them a simple solution: water. Drinking water between alcoholic drinks moderates alcohol intake and helps consumers have a better time.

To encourage our status-driven consumers to do this we launched 141 – The Drink to Drink Between Drinks. Mineral water in a beautifully designed bottle. The name of our water doubled as our responsible drinking message, reminding consumers to drink 1 water 4 every 1 drink. 

We designed the bottle to feel at home amongst the high-end whiskies, cognacs and vodkas that our consumers have on their tables. With this in mind, we created a 250ml, refillable glass bottle that fits perfectly into the consumers’ hands and their drinking occasions. What’s more, we designed it to be modular and stackable to reduce the area needed to display it at our events.

The campaign rolled out across many channels, but the product itself was activated at Pernod Ricard brand events across South Africa, with consumers engaging directly with the product in the activation space.


3. Evidence path

141 changed consumer’s drinking behaviour and was embraced by everyone who was exposed to it: consumers, influencers, even celebrities.

We achieved an Advertising Value Equivalent of R 1,304,783.10.
Reach of: 44 336 63.
Impact score: 82% (70% being the benchmark)
Over 20,000 bottles were consumed across our events.
A monetary investment of R367 000 yielded a return of R1,304,783.10 in advertising value.