Nudging for Good » Brands Nudging for Good Awards 2017 – Winners & Finalists

The Brands Nudging for Good Awards

The objective of the first international Nudging for Good Awards, launched in 2016, is to promote the creation of original “Nudges for good” by the members of AIM and AIM’s national associations. A Nudge for good is how a brand, on the basis of consumer insights, makes it easy and desirable for people to change behaviour or habit and adopt a healthier and/or more sustainable one. Brands are in a privileged position to be actors of change in society thanks to their daily relationship with consumers in the home and elsewhere.

The next Nudging for Good Awards will be organized in 2019. The call for proposals will be published in due course during 2018.

Participants were asked to present an active or recent Nudge for good covering the following areas under Health and Sustainability:

  • Healthier balanced diets and active lifestyles
  • Responsible drinking
  • Less waste and litter
  • Resource efficiency (e.g. water or energy saving)
  • Good hygiene and appropriate product use
  • Good self-care

Other areas related to healthy lifestyles, circular economy and sustainability were also welcome.

The Awards met with a lot of interest from branded goods manufacturers, and 41 submissions were entered by 22 companies.


Here are the winners of the Brands Nudging for Good Awards 2017

The Diamond Award for Best Nudge

L’Oréal, La Roche Posay – My UV Patch

Jury’s ‘Coup de Coeur’ Award

SCA, Okay Compressé – Win-Win for consumer and environment

Excellence Awards Health & Well-Being

Heineken – This one is on us
Savencia – En cas de Caprice

Excellence Awards Sustainability

Unilever, Dove & Andrélon – WaterSavers
Wrigley – Bin it for Good


The Finalists

The following companies and their cases were among the finalists in the running for the Diamond Award and the four Excellence Awards. Calling the top award “Diamond” was a salute to the 60th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, which fell in the same week as our awards celebration.

Health & Well-Being

Danone, Font Vella – Why not make drinking water fun?
Heineken – This one is on us
Johnson & Johnson – Mom Connect
L’Oréal, La Roche Posay – My UV Patch
Nestlé Hellas, Purina – Pets @ Work
Savencia – En cas de Caprice
SCA, Libero – Colours make a change



Kimberly-Clark, Kleenex – Good things come in small packages
Procter & Gamble, Fairy – The powerful drop that is hard to stop
SCA, Okay Compressé – Win-Win for consumer and environment
Unilever, Dove & Andrélon – WaterSavers
Unilever, Rexona, Dove & Axe – Small is the new Big
Unilever, Comfort Intense – Intense freshness from just a tiny dose
Wrigley – Bin it for Good


The Jury

Our high-level Nudging for Good Jury was composed of the following people with experience of and interest in the nudge theory and practice:

  • Chairman: Robert Madelin, former EU Commission Director-General, Advisor to the World Economic Forum Council on the Future of Behavioural Sciences
  • Professor Alberto Alemanno, HEC Paris and New York University School of Law
  • Richard Bordenave, Director Marketing & Innovation, BVA
  • Professor George Gaskell, The London School of Economics and Political Science
  • Monique Goyens, Director-General BEUC, the European Consumer Organisation
  • Richard Holland, Director Market Transformation Initiative, WWF
  • Virginie Rozière, Member of the European Parliament

They selected one “Nudging for Good Diamond Award” and four “Excellence Awards” from the list of 14 finalists which were pre-selected by BVA, AIM’s partner in the Nudging for Good initiative.


The selection criteria

The entries are judged on the following criteria:

  • The current behaviour has been observed in a real-life setting, and barriers and levers to the desired behaviour have been clearly identified.
  • The desired behaviour is relevant to the objective of the AIM Nudging for Good initiative. It is realistic and specified in a precise manner.
  • The behavioural change is meaningful and complies with the Nudging for Good criteria:
  1. The Nudge actually influences behaviour.
  2. It is smart and simple.
  3. The Nudge is transparent and defensible
  4. It preserves the freedom of choice: no options are removed and nothing is imposed on the consumer or individual.
  5. It is based on observational insights of individuals in their local environment and community.
  6. It does not rely solely on education, information or economic incentives.
  7. There is a convincing evaluation of the Nudge which is intended for the public domain.


Brands Nudging for Good Awards Ceremony

The Awards were presented on the occasion of a celebratory dinner on 20th March 2017 in Brussels at the Concert Noble in the presence of members of the AIM Board and guests from the European institutions, NGOs, AIM members and the academic world.

The next Nudging for Good Awards will be organised in 2019. The call for proposals will be published in due course during 2018.