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SCA Okay® Compressé


How SCA helped consumers adopt a product that is better for the environment.


1. What is the observed insight?

Within seconds, shoppers make their choice in front of the shelf – and they make it mainly from intuition. When it comes to household towels, the pack size has been seen as an indicator for performance and value, and – the bigger the better. Paradoxically, insights show that consumers at the same time are bothered by the bulkiness of the packs being not easy to carry and store.


2. The Nudge

At SCA, we asked ourselves how to address the consumer needs – solving the conflict of value perception linked to pack size and the downside bulky packs. As a category leader we want to drive the category, improve the product performance – and at the same time take responsibility for the environmental impact.

The solution is SCA Okay® Compressé, a household towel which is half the size of a regular product but performs just as well – with the added benefit of being better for the environment. By using patented High Density Fiber technology to compress the individual sheets, we still offer the same number of sheets as a regular roll.

SCA Okay® Compressé has the same product performance, better storage benefits for the consumer and is better for the planet. In a nutshell: small but mighty.

3. Evidence path

The smaller size of SCA Okay® Compressé benefits both the consumer and the environment; it is easier to carry and store, requires 30 % less packaging and 36% fewer trucks during transportation – resulting in less CO2 emissions.


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