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With Playmobil, Danone adds fantasy to the quest for goodness!


1. What is the observed insight?

Over the past few year, we have observed in Europe that more and more parents are turning away from the current yogurt offer for children, despite yogurts has been recognised as an important part of a healthy diet. Beyond this shifting dynamic is a greater concern from parents looking to provide ever more sustainable and healthy products to their children.


2. The Nudge

That’s why our Nudge aims to encourage parents and children to (re)adopt and keep a healthy diet in which plain yogurt is a pleasurable option to fulfill children’s needs in essential nutrients such as calcium(1).

Our Nudge idea was to partner with Playmobil to better inform and educate children and their parents on the naturality and the sourcing of our product thanks to a virtual reality animation, as well as to make our “Danone Bio Kids nature” more appealing to children between 6 and 12 years. To help promote this behaviour switch, we have explicitly displayed the sustainable values of the Danone Bio Kids through the fun packaging of the Playmobil farm collection. Moreover, to keep childrens’ curiosity up in an interactive and playful way after the consumption of the product, each yogurt pack scanned with a smartphone equalled one chance to win one of the 1.200 Playmobil toys.


3. Evidence path

Our product has been positively received by French retailers and consumers. Our product activation generated nearly 40.000 visits of consumers on the augmented reality website, all of the 1.200 Playmobil toys have been won.



(1) Keast DR et al. Nutrients 2015;7 :1577-1593